Staff of the CITES Secretariat

Please send all official communications to: [email protected]

Ivonne Higuero Secretary-General
Administrative Services
Susanne Bengtsson Team Leader, Administrative Services
Irene Ngigi Administrative Services Assistant
Philippe Brarda Administrative Assistant
Noemi Reyes Finance Assistant
Virginia Rothenbuhler Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General
Governing Bodies and Meeting Services
David Morgan Chief, Governing Bodies and Meeting Services
Hélène Gandois Programme and Documentation Officer
Duviel Lopez Fajardo Meetings & Conference Assistant
Victoria Zentilli Documents Assistant
Pascal Perraud Documents Clerk
Knowledge Management and Outreach Services
Haruko Okusu Chief, Knowledge Management and Outreach Services
Liu Yuan Programme and Communications Officer
Francisco Perez Gonzalez Programme Support Officer (consultant)
Vanam Dhalladoo Associate Information Systems Officer (consultant)
Panida Charotok Programme assistant (EU and US projects)
Scientific Services
Tom De Meulenaer Chief, Scientific Services
Karen Gaynor Scientific Support Officer
Isabel Camarena Scientific Support Officer
Milena Sosa Schmidt Project Coordinator of the Tree Species and African Elephant Fund
[vacant] Associate Scientific Support Officer
Martin Hitziger Associate Plants Species Officer (JPO)
Dejana Radisavljevic Research Assistant
[vacant] Programme assistant
Thea Carroll MIKE Coordinator
David Henson MIKE Programme Management Officer
Mrigesh Kshatriya MIKE Data Scientist
Bernard Koech MIKE Finance & Budget Officer
Wubalem Negash MIKE Finance and Budget Assistant
Rachel Mwangi  MIKE Finance and Budget Assistant
Regulatory Services
Juan Carlos Vasquez Chief, Legal Affairs & Compliance
Sofie H. Flensborg Legal Officer
Elodie Moulin Legal Support Officer (consultant)
Ben Janse van Rensburg Chief, Enforcement Support
Pia Jonsson Enforcement Support Officer
Edward van Asch Associate ICCWC Support Officer 
Johannes Stahl Enforcement Support Officer (consultant)
Timothy O'Connell ICCWC Support Officer (consultant)
Penelope-Anne Benn Research Assistant
Maroun Abi Chahine Programme assistant


Unfunded Vacancies
Deputy Secretary-General
French Translator
Spanish Translator
Trade and Legal Policy Officer
Assistant to Deputy Secretary-General
Research Assistants (2)

Contact details of the Secretariat:

Street address: Postal address:
CITES Secretariat
International Environment House
11 Chemin des Anémones
CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva
Tel: +41-(0)22-917-81-39/40
Fax: +41-(0)22-797-34-17
CITES Secretariat
Palais des Nations
Avenue de la Paix 8-14
1211 Genève 10