How is CITES financed?

The core administrative costs of the Secretariat, the Conference of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies, the Standing Committee and the other permanent committees, are financed from the CITES Trust Fund. This Trust Fund is replenished from contributions from the Parties to the Convention based on the United Nations scale of assessment, adjusted to take account of the fact that not all members of the United Nations are Parties to the Convention. The scale of contributions to the Trust Fund for 2020-2022 is shown in Annex 5 to Resolution Conf. 18.1.

The status of contributions to the CITES Trust Fund is shown here.

The annual distribution of unpaid contributions of the Parties is shown here.

This information is updated on a monthly basis.

External funding

The status of external contributions to the CITES External Trust Fund is shown here.

Updated information on external funding within the Secretariat will shortly be posted.